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No Win No Fee Clinical Negligence Claims

You turn to healthcare professionals to get well and most of the time they do a great job, but where do you turn if you end up in a worse condition than where you started?

If you or a loved one has been a victim of medical negligence in Leeds or any other city in the UK, we understand that you need to be sure you have the best possible person representing you and your family.

At Whiterose Blackmans Solicitors we fight hard to bring justice for victims of medical accidents and negligence.

Our team are experts in negligence claims against the NHS. We are based in Leeds and we deal with a wide range of medical and clinical negligence matters. We act for clients for a wide spectrum of clinical and medical negligence matters. From High severity injuries (such as those sustained during birth causing brain injuries and conditions such as cerebral palsy and spinal injuries) to cases involving infection and delay in diagnosis of fractures. We also act frequently in medical misdiagnosis cases including the misdiagnosis of cancer & other life threatening diseases.

Experienced Medical Negligence Lawyers in Leeds

We understand that if you have been a victim of medical malpractice or medical negligence you are likely to be not just concerned with compensation, but may also want to know what changes are being put in place to ensure the same thing does not happen to anyone else, or that you may just want the hospital or doctor involved to say they are sorry.

It may be that the negligence has caused life changing issues for you and your family, perhaps you have needed time of work on sick leave or spent additional time in Hospital.

Compensation Claims Against the NHS

We have experience bringing claims against: General Practitioners, NHS Trusts, private practitioners and other healthcare providers such as dentists and opticians and are we are successful in obtaining compensation for our clients and providing support and guidance through the litigation experience.

We have helped many people who have suffered as a result of poor medical care and we can give you the support and legal advice that you need.

We work on a “No Win No Fee” basis where appropriate. We guarantee you won’t pay a penny up front, there are no hidden costs and you’ll pay nothing if the claim is unsuccessful.

Dental Negligence Claims

Thankfully most dental treatment people receive via the NHS or private medical practices is to a high standard. However sometimes things can go wrong and the impact on lives can be devastating. When they do go wrong that’s when you need the expertise of a qualified and experienced dental negligence solicitor.

If you feel you have received poor treatment and are looking for a professional and experienced dental negligence solicitor please give us a call. We have extensive experience and success in winning dental negligence claims.

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    Common medical negligence claims & clinical negligence claims we deal with are…

    • Anesthetic Claims
    • Antenatal Care Claims
    • Antenatal Screening and Failed Sterilization
    • Birth Injury Claims
    • Botox Claims
    • Cancer misdiagnosis Claims
    • Cancer Mistreatment Claims
    • Cerebral Palsy Claims
    • C-Dificile Claims
    • Cosmetic Surgery Claims
    • Drug Mis-Presecription
    • Dental Negligence Claims
    • Poor Elderly Care Claims
    • Elderly Abuse Claims Leeds
    • Eye Injury Related Claims
    • Fracture Claims
    • Injury Claims
    • GP Malpractice Claims
    • Claims against GP’s
    • Hip Replacement Surgery Claims
    • Medical Misdiagnosis Claims Claims
    • MRSA Claims
    • Maternity Care Claims
    • Mental Health Claims
    • NHS Medical Negligence Claims
    • Nursing Care Claims
    • Paediatric Claims
    • Psychiatric Misdiagnosis Claims
    • Spinal injury Claims
    • Surgery Malpractice Claims
    • Surgical Error Claims

    Medical Negligence Claims Time Limit

    It is our interests as well as our clients to settle matters as quickly as possible.The time scale and amount you can receive really does depend on the complexity of the individual case, some take weeks other take many months and some years. We do endeavor to settle as quickly as we can without compromising on the compensation you deserve!

    Medical Negligence Claims – How much could I get?

    Precise time limits for starting medical negligence claims are laid out in legislation, with some exceptions. However put simply, you have three years in which to make a claim, this is counted from the date upon which you first became aware that you had suffered injury as a result of medical negligence.

    The level of compensation would vary depending the claim, this is very individual to your case. We have won cases where the financial compensation was very significant.

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