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Dental Negligence Claims Solicitors

Whiterose Blackmans Solicitors are experienced Dental Negligence Solicitors in Leeds.

We are specialist claim solicitors and we provide the best possible service and legal representation for all our clients. From your initial contact we will take the time to listen to you and to understand your situation.

We act for clients across the UK, it doesn’t matter where you live as face to face meetings are not necessary. What is important is solid communication and a mutual understanding. For the moment we open your case we will keep you fully informed of developments as they happen.

Claims Against Dentists

Thankfully most dental treatment people receive via the NHS or private medical practices is to a high standard. However sometimes things can go wrong and the impact on lives can be devastating. When they do go wrong that’s when you need the expertise of a qualified and experienced dental negligence solicitor.

If you feel you have received poor treatment and are looking for a professional and experienced dental negligence solicitor please give us a call. We have extensive experience and success in winning dental negligence claims.

Make a Claim for Dental Negligence!

There are lots of ways in which a dentist can be negligent. Perhaps they have extracted the wrong tooth or several teeth they should not have, caused injury to your jaw, incorrectly fitted dentures or crowns, carried out poor orthodontic work or the procedure they have carried out has left you in unnecessary pain! Whatever the reason if you feel you dentist has been negligent please contact us to discuss your case, you may be entitled to compensation.

Compensation – How much could I be entitled to?

This question is difficult to answer as every dental claim is different. What we can say is that the amount of compensation you can claim is dependant on how serious your injuries are as well as other factors. We would look to claim back any expenses you may have incurred as a result of your treatment, for example, loss of earnings through time off work, additional dental costs incurred as a result of rectifying the poor dental treatment you have endured and further treatment you may need in order to make a full recovery.

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    How the process works

    1. Your first contact with us

    If you will in our short online contact form a dental negligence solicitor will call you back to have an informal chat about your situation.

    2. Claim Questionnaire

    If it is felt that you have a claim to take forward we would then fill in a questionnaire about your case and the circumstances surrounding it.

    3. Assigned a Solicitor

    The next stage is to be assigned a solicitor with whom you will liaise and communicate with throughout the process.

    4. Funding

    There are several options here depending on your own personal circumstances. Legal aid is an option for some high value cases and for people who satisfy specific financial criteria. This will be explained.

    5. No Win, No Fee

    Most of our cases eligible for a No Win No Fee arrangement. We will fully explain how this works in the initial consultation.

    6. Dental Records

    We will need to obtain copies of your dental records. This can take several months and will be taken care of by us.

    8. A dental assessment

    A dental assessment may be required once we have all the paperwork and records we need. If this is needed we will arrange this for you at no charge to you.

    9. The proposed offer

    When the paperwork and the assessment have been completed a monetary offer should follow. We will of course communicate to you in writing and verbally.

    10. Settlement

    If we feel the offer that is proposed is unsatisfactory we will negotiate on your behalf to have it increased. Quite often the initial offer is a lower offer and the agreed settlement exceeds this. In the circumstance when the dentists insurance company deny the case and dispute the claim we would need to take the case to court proceedings. At this stage the process will be explained and agreed.

    To find out more and to discuss your circumstances contact us on 0113 216 5507 to discuss your claim with an experienced dental claims solicitor!