misdiagnosis of cancer claims

NHS compensation to misdiagnosed patients rises to £98 million
NHS payouts to patients whose conditions were misdiagnosed by medics increased by three-quarters in the last year to nearly £100 million.

Compensation paid to people whose illnesses were not spotted or were detected too late soared from £56 million in 2009-10 to more than £98 million in 2010-11.

Nearly […]

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Case study 1. April 2016

MR A M from Dewsbury, Mr A M was crossing the road and was hit by a car. Mr A M received £12,500 damages

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Case Study 2. April 2016

Mrs O U from Leeds, was working at the hospital when she fell over and injured her leg. Mrs O U received £6,000.00 damages.

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Case Study 3. April 2016

Mr I H from Wakefield, was a passenger in a vehicle which collided into another vehicle. Mr I H received £2,625.00 in damages.

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Case Study 4. April 2016

Mr S Y from London, was waiting at a give-way when the third party vehicle collided with him. For his injuries, he received just under £3,000.00.

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Dental Negligence – Has poor dental treatment left you in pain?

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Legal advice after an accident at work

Work Accident Claims Leeds
Have you had an accident at work?  Do you require legal advice to see whether or not you have a claim?

If you have been involved in an accident at work which wasn’t through any fault of your own, you could claim compensation as a result of this. Your employer has a duty […]

Choosing a personal Injury solicitor in Leeds wisely!

Be savvy about your personal injury options…

There are many advertisements promoting the ‘where there’s blame, there’s a claim’ culture and  sometimes it’s difficult to be sure if, when you have been injured, you have reasonable grounds for a claim and how to go about making one.

Personal injury law can be complex and it’s advisable to […]

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Cycle Accidents – Safety When Cycling

Cycling has become more popular over the years. The profile of cycling has been raised in recent years in the UK by events such as the Tour De France & The London Olympics. More people are choosing cycling as their preferred method of transport or as a hobby. However recent research by the Royal Society for […]

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Treating Whiplash

What are the symptoms of a whiplash?

Pain and stiffness in the neck. In approximately 50% of cases the pain presents the day following the accident
Turning or bending the neck would normally be difficult
Pain and/or stiffness in the shoulders and/or in the arms
You may experience pain in the upper and lower back
Dizziness, blurred vision, pain in […]

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