Have you been a victim of dental negligence?

If the answer is yes then you will empathise greatly with anybody who finds themselves in that situation.

There are many excellent dentists out there and I am sure many people have had a positive dental experience. That said, there are almost 500 complaints made against dentists across the UK each day. Many people fear the dentist and when you look at the complaint statistics it is not surprising that a trip to the dentist fills some with anxiety and dread!

What are the causes of such a high number of dental complaints? Some believe that access to insufficient care is the cause. Before 2006 dentists were paid according to the nature of their work. However, this was replaced by the UDA, which pays dentists on the amount of work they do and the number of patients seen.

The result of this means more patients are seen in a day, dentists are over-worked and that is when mistakes can happen. We find that cases of dental negligence occur mostly in routine appointments, whilst carrying out routine procedures such as fillings or in surgery.

The most frequent cases of dental negligence we deal are:

  • Inadequate treatment:  This could stem from the dentist not using the right techniques to treat your dental problem. Inadequate dental treatment could refer to a one-time treatment or treatment given over a long period of time, which resulted in serious complications.
  • Misdiagnosis: Correct diagnosis is a crucial component of patient care, Misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose an existing condition could lead to failure to provide adequate or accurate dental treatment, which could exacerbate the original problem or cause further oral damage.
  • Careless dental work: This category includes a very diverse range of situations, from extracting the wrong tooth to cutting the patient’s gum or lip during a procedure.
  • Cosmetic dental work – substandard cosmetic dentistry including bridges, crowns, badly fitted dental implants, teeth whitening procedures which have gone wrong!

The best advice if you fall into any of these categories is to report the incident quickly. If you have a dental negligence claim contact us and find out in seconds where you stand legally.

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